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Here you can create your very own sup/tg/ playlist, making an easy-to-use and easy-to-link streaming music player for use as background games or just to force people to listen to your music.

To use, select the files you want from the top list and click Add to Playlist; items will be copied into the bottom list. This is your playlist, which you can rearrange as you wish. Once you're happy, enter a title and a eight-character alphanumeric filename and click Create Playlist; it will appear as an available selection on the music player pages. If you add new music to the server, click Refresh Music List to snag the new filenames. You can overwrite old lists by simply reusing the same filename (though you'll need to clear your browser's cache to see the changes).

NOTE: The player is very picky about filenames. Non-alphanumeric characters (apostrophes, foreign characters, etc.) and extra periods ("D.J. DerpanPants.mp3") will fail to play. If this happens, just edit it out of the filename in the upload folder and hit Refresh Music List.

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